SEAUPG Membership

Membership is available to persons or organizations involved in or associated with various segments of the asphalt industry, including, without limitation asphalt producers and suppliers including modifiers; hot-mix contractors; highway agencies; aggregate producers and suppliers; consultants; academics; equipment manufacturers and suppliers and specialty contractors.

As a member you will have:

  • Access to SEAUPG’s forum of experts through seminars and workshops

  • Opportunities to acquire and advance leading edge technology through volunteer committee work

  • Access to SEAUPG ’s data and expertise

  • Forum for state officials to share experiences and develop uniform specifications for the region

SEAUPG members have the opportunity to obtain the best technology anywhere, to learn from the experts leaders in the HMA industry, to cooperatively solve common problems, to get Southeastern issues discussed, and to build image and equity with the public.

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